Friday, April 26, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

I sit here with my newborn baby, 9 weeks old, contemplating all that i wanted this blog to be when I started it.  How this pregnancy took its toll on my well being and our finances. How I would not trade it for anything. If I should keep it and what theme I should stick to. With all that has happened in the last year, having to ask for help from everyone, even practical strangers, picking the wrong house even though we live it emotionally, we have surprisingly strengthened our marriage and chosen a different path together. Therefore, I have decided to maintain this blog as a journal to my children. Letters to each, reviews as we embark on homeschooling starting in just a few weeks, tales off family endeavors and much more as we go through life with our three beautiful and challenging children. I think the title still applies. I am aiming for the good life for our family. Striving to reduce yelling, teach more than academics to my children (and frankly myself). I hope to reach others and am glad for the advice I have gotten from many.

We start our summer bucket list with items from Susan Heid summer survival calendar in just under five weeks.  Trying to sell our car to go down to one vehicle and looking for a new house to rent.  Busy time with a brand new baby, but hopefully it will get us to a better place and out of debt. More to come.

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